5th International Yoga Day

The proposal to celebrate International Yoga Day was put forward by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in September 2014. It was supported by various yoga practitioners and spiritual leaders around the world. The United Nations declared 21st June as International Yoga Day in December 2014.

5th International Yoga Day Celebration

The 1st International Yoga Day was celebrated with gusto around the globe but the site at Rajpath, Delhi was one-of-its-kind. Thousands of people gathered at this place to celebrate this day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with several renowned people from different parts of the world also formed a part of the event and practiced yoga asanas here.

The yoga fever continued and the second and third International Yoga Day also saw people participating in large numbers. A big event was organized in Chandigarh on the occasion of the second International Yoga Day. An equally big event was organized in Lucknow on the third International Yoga Day. Numerous events are held in various parts of India as well as around the world to rejoice the day each year.

There are numerous yoga asanas that work on different levels to help us live a wholesome life. We must try all these and pick the ones that are truly meant for us. The chosen ones must be practiced regularly to develop a healthy lifestyle. The whole idea behind dedicating a day to Yoga is to help the world recognize the wonders it can do if practiced regularly.

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